It’s Time To Possess The Land!

Property Expansion Project Update!


We are very excited to announce that Lord of Hosts Church is under contract to purchase the 100,000 square foot building adjacent to our church! In case you are not familiar with the area around our church’s building, our facility of 60,000 square feet (including the new sanctuary under construction) is part of a shopping center of several buildings.

The building we are purchasing is the largest in the plaza and is occupied by several businesses, including a family-oriented pizza and entertainment business and Dollar General. Check out the video below to get a glimpse of the property area in its entirety!

Last year, we approached the owners about a purchase and they expressed a strong interest in the church owning it. Recently however, Pastor Hank felt impressed of the Lord that another buyer was also interested and that we needed to act NOW!

This turned out to be exactly right and we learned that a buyer was interested in the property to build an apartment complex in its place. This would obviously impede the church’s parking and halt any future expansion. Wasting no time we put in an offer which has been accepted! Praise God!

Our main goal with this necessary purchase is to give us full control of the plaza’s future, including the parking, so for now it will simply be held as an investment. Of course this space will also provide additional ground for expansion in the future when the time comes.

Friends, it’s time to possess the land! Closing is scheduled for the end of October and we are raising the needed funds required to close.

To give your support into this amazing expansion simply click the link below and select “Property Expansion Project” as the donation category.


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