by | Aug 21, 2023


Hello, my name is Eileen Daniels. I’m Pastor Doug’s wife, and I serve as a Pastoral Care Assistant at Lord of Hosts Church.
 Timing is crucial! Everything we do in life needs to be centered on following God’s timing.
 The book of Esther contains the story of two types of perfect timing — Mordecai with perfect good timing, and Haman with perfect bad timing. It records the story of a king with insomnia, an evil plot to destroy the Jewish people, and the actions of Queen Esther, and her Uncle Mordecai, that saved the Jewish people.
 Mordecai had overheard the plot of King Xerxes’s two chamberlains to kill the king. Mordecai reported the plot, the two chamberlains were executed, and the report of Mordecai saving the king’s life was recorded in the records of the Kings of Persia. Mordecai had experienced perfect good timing. 
 Meanwhile evil Haman, who hated the Jewish people, and especially Mordecai, was plotting to destroy all the Jews. King Xerxes was not aware that Queen Esther, whom he loved, was Jewish. Without investigating all that was involved in Haman’s plot, he gave Haman the green light to proceed. 
 Late one night when Xerxes couldn’t sleep, he asked to have the book of records read to him. It was then that he heard of Mordecai’s actions that saved his life. Just as King Xerxes was asking what honor or reward had been given to Mordecai, Haman appeared in the king’s outer court. At that moment, Haman had perfect bad timing and he was forced to honor Mordecai, the man he hated.
 After Queen Esther makes her plea for the Jewish people to King Xerxes, and reveals Haman’s treachery, Haman is hanged on the very gallows he had prepared for Mordecai. The king issues a new decree allowing the Jewish people to destroy all who would try to destroy them, and the Jewish people are saved.
 The question for us today is how do we have perfect good timing, like Mordecai experienced, instead of having perfect bad timing, like Haman’s timing?
 As you follow the Holy Spirit, here are some keys to help you experience God’s perfect timing for your life:

  • Keep your heart pure and desire God’s plan, the plan of heaven, for yourself, God’s people, and this nation.

  • Always have your ear to the heart of God. Daniel 2:22 says, “He reveals deep and secret things; He knows what is in the darkness, and the light dwells with Him.”

  • Pray for perfect bad timing concerning the plots and schemes of the enemies of God.

I pray and speak over your life, that you will always have perfect good timing that delivers you from any plot satan has for you. I also pray that the blessings of God come upon you, and overtake you, according to Deuteronomy 28.