by | Jul 24, 2023


Have you ever taken time to wake up early enough to watch a sunrise? If you haven’t, I highly recommend it as it is truly a marvel to witness when you take a moment to consider this phenomena.

According to scientific data, this daily event where the sun appears to “rise” from the horizon in the East, is actually the result of the earth’s motion. The illusion of a moving sun results from our frame of reference on a rotating axis. Every 24 hours as the earth makes a full rotation we get to see this amazing transformation from total darkness to millions of tiny electromagnetic particles invading the atmosphere to bring about daylight!

I could easily go down a rabbit hole about other nerdy details surrounding sunrises, but I’ll spare you that and will get straight to the point; we are in the midst of a very crucial time on God’s heavenly calendar where we are beginning to see a shift from darkness to a season of His glory shining brighter in ways that we could ever imagine!

Just this past week I was talking with my wife about the back half of this year and all that we are looking forward to accomplishing. In that moment, I felt in my spirit this overwhelming sense of joy and excitement. I then heard the Holy Spirit say this: “You’re in the time of MY harvest!”

Over the last 24 months or so, the landscape has been challenging with much hardship and even contention. Perhaps you have dealt with frustration and loss in some sort of way as well. You may even be wondering if things will ever go back to being joyful again. Will the turmoil ever end? Well…I have good news for you!

After I heard that word from the Holy Spirit, I began to wonder why He chose right now. Why halfway through the month of July? So, I went back and began to research what’s happening this time of year in Hebraic culture.

Sidenote: It’s always important to reference Jewish customs and history because after all, they were God’s original chosen people and we as Christians were grafted into the family through Christ. Christianity is deeply rooted in the Hebraic way of life. If you study it enough, you’ll start to recognize how God operates because God is the one who established their way of life.

Okay, so here’s what I found from my research. We are currently in the season of Av (July -August in the Gregorian calendar), which is also known as the Fast of the Fifth. Av is recognized on the 9th day of the fifth month on the Jewish calendar. Av is a very unique time as it is considered a low point on the Jewish calendar as there were many notable, historically tragic events that took place during this season including:

  • The original Israelites who were led out of Egypt were banned from entering into the Promised Land because they believed the faithless report of the spies.
  • Aaron, the first high priest, died during Av.
  • The first and second temples in Jerusalem were destroyed.

Now here’s the intriguing part. The month of Av is also viewed as a high point on the Jewish calendar as the 15th day of Av is designated for finding one’s predestined soulmate for marriage. The hidden meaning behind the stark contrast in sentiment during Av is a reminder to the people that at the darkest times where there seems to be no hope for the future, a ray of light is found!

Looking deeper at the part of Av that is dedicated to matrimony, you will find that in a similar way that a man seeks to marry a woman so that she will be his bride in the covenant of marriage, the scriptures also depict this same pattern that God uses to establish a covenant with those who faithfully serve Him.

I am overwhelmed with joy in the LORD my God!
For he has dressed me with the clothing of salvation
and draped me in a robe of righteousness.
I am like a bridegroom dressed for his wedding
or a bride with her jewels.

The Sovereign LORD will show his justice to the nations of the world.
Everyone will praise him!
His righteousness will be like a garden in early spring,
with plants springing up everywhere.

– Isaiah 61:10-11

Regardless of what your current circumstances may be, remember that this is not a time to mourn. We must pivot our frame of reference away from the hopelessness that we may see or feel, and turn our full attention to our first love, Jesus Christ. The covenant that has been established through His blood never fails and we can take comfort in the assurance that we are adorned with the crown of life!

Now is the time to rejoice and give thanks because God is shifting you and your loved ones out of a place of darkness and despair, and is redeeming you in the light of His victory!

Just as those tiny electromagnetic particles come together to pierce the darkness to bring about a new day, God is taking your prayers and all that you have given to Him, and is using those seeds to invade every area of your life with abundant NEW beginnings!