When life seems complicated, simplify with Jesus

by | Jul 10, 2023

When life seems complicated, simplify with Jesus

Perhaps you have found yourself, like I have, putting together one of those kits you buy in a box. When suddenly, things don’t seem to fit. You decide to find the assembly instructions that you had previously glanced at and tossed aside and you begin to read them step-by-step. Lo and behold, the instructions help, and the kit comes together perfectly.

The important thing in life is to keep it simple; take it step-by-step. Life can appear complicated when faced with hard decisions that cause us to worry or fear–most of the time both–but Jesus has a way of uncomplicating things. Mark 5 tells us about a man named Jairus who was faced with a very serious complication. The report Jairus received was “your daughter is dead, why trouble the teacher?” But then Jesus made it simple and said, “don’t fear, only believe.”

Jairus had said to Jesus, “come lay your hands on my daughter that she may be healed, and she will live.” It must have seemed too simple to his natural mind, and it likely was the hardest thing he’d ever done. But he spoke faith and kept his mouth from saying anything contrary. He set his heart on what Jesus said and trusted what he believed. And it worked! Hallelujah, it worked! His daughter lived!

We must remember God takes care of the complicated parts of life. And he sets before us clearly our part—to simply believe and trust Him. We must remember though that simple is not always easy. We must walk it out day-by-day.

Our enemy tries to make it hard so that we will give up, but we can always look to God and to His simple plan of goodness for our lives. That plan is for us to love, forgive, obey, give, rejoice, follow, imitate God, believe in our hearts, and say with our mouths. Looking at life from that view takes us into God’s rest where He desires us to live, trust, and obey. There’s no other way to be happy in life, but to trust and obey Jesus, the One who is faithful and true.